Journey: Inspiration & Past Life Soul Retrieval, April 7th, 2019

I swam with Helve, my Swan, down to our whirlpool and shot upward into the sky to visit with Brigid on the topic of inspiration. I talked with her while swimming on a river, getting guidance on how I need to move forward. I asked her about a piece of work my partner is working on and she informed me that I am not to touch that material directly, but rather to support my partner in doing the work she needs to do before she can access that herself.

Brigid then sent me on an unexpected trip. At first, I sat against an oak tree until we meshed and rooted myself while reaching to the sky. Then, I flew over a forest until I found a small forest shrine with a bird-bath type basin. I washed myself there and proceeded to lay  on the ground until a cool-colored flame began to burn in my heart. From there, I flew again until I saw a castle in the distance.

Inspecting this site, there I found a past life soul part; a Welsh woman named Aegwyn (spelling uncertain) who was trapped by her husband in his castle. She rarely ever got to leave her room, kept like a prize won in conquest. Her dark eyes and hair were dull, and she appeared scared. She told me she wanted nothing more than to sing and dance, finding inspiration in many things. But, if he would hear her sing he would beat her so she would do it no more. Many times, Aegwyn would dance as silently as possible to the music she could hear in her mind, but she felt terror to create. When I offered to take her with me, she was even more afraid. I had to convince her that if I took her, her husband could never hurt her again – that I would never let him hurt her, nor any man hurt us.

At last she climbed onto my back and we flew back to my inner grove where I sat with her. As I braided her hair, I asked her what she wanted to do now. She said she just wanted to be creative. I told her she was free to do that now. I asked her what she wanted to help me with and she said, “To remind you that you are free, now, too.”

I thanked her and embraced her, allowing her to meld into me. I then energetically integrated her into me, allowing her to merge safely back with my soul. Once she was incorporated, I returned to Brigid to gain any last wisdom before returning to my body.

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