Life is Always Happening

Life is always happening.

We, and I include myself in this, like to tell ourselves that we “can’t” do something for one reason or another because “life” stuff gets in the way. But, life stuff is always, always, always happening.

Work stress. Conflict within and without. Family. Chores. Relationships. There’s always an upcoming holiday, a wedding, a birth, a death. No matter how much we might wish for a time when it’s “the right time,” when things “slow down a little bit,” when “life calms,” the reality is… it rarely ever does.

As we enter the new year, 2019, we’ll find that many around us choose to “reboot” at that time. New Year’s resolutions will be rampant. But… Why? Why do we choose that particular day? Is it because it is “the right time?” Have things really slowed down at all? Is life really calm on January 1st?

Why not start today? Why not start tomorrow? What is really holding you back?

The fact is that all we have is the present. The future is not guaranteed. And all too often, we’ve flown by the past without noticing the moments.

What would it be like to commit to yourself here and now rather than waiting for the right time? What is now, right here, every moment was the right time?

What would it be like to accept that there are always going to be challenges? That there will always be discomfort?

What would it be like to acknowledge that you have choice about yourself in every moment? Every hour? Every day? We have no control over the life that happens around us – but we do have a choice about whether we tend to ourselves, our feelings, and our values.

Instead of making your life about goals and always looking forward to the next day that marks some arbitrary thing “obtainable,” why not consider the choice to be value oriented? It’s fine, and even a good thing, to have goals. But, when the goal is all that matters, are you enjoying the experience along the way?  What if instead of saying, “On New Year’s Day I’m going to start going to the gym!” you said, “I’m going to begin right now living a life that values my health. So, what choices can I make right now to do that?”

When we shift our perspective to leading a life we value, we set up goals that we can enjoy along the way. Each trip to the gym, we remember we’re working toward our health, rather than a number on the scale or a measurement. When we paint, even if the painting doesn’t get finished or it’s not exactly what we envisioned, we can enjoy the experience of creativity. When we commit to ourselves today rather than waiting for the right moment… We open up so many more opportunities for moments to say yes to taking care of ourselves.

So remember… Life doesn’t stop. Now, I’m not saying don’t grieve, don’t be sad, don’t get angry, frustrated, or any other emotion. But, when you do… Let yourself be that. Don’t rush on to a distraction, tell yourself a story, or look toward the next big thing. Be in the moment and let yourself process, feel, heal, and be. Value yourself where you’re at. Then, take each next moment one step at a time, searching for what you value.

There is no time like the present, especially when we never know what life might throw at us next.

May you choose, with courage, to live a life full of value.



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