How 30 Days of Mindfulness Has Changed My Life

On May 14th and 15th, 2018, I attended a mindfulness training. It focused predominantly on the current science behind mindfulness, but was coupled with about three mindfulness meditation activities each day. I’d say in those first two days, I meditated about an hour and a half total.

While at the training, another participant mentioned a popular mindfulness app called Headspace, and I decided I wanted to try it. What could it hurt, after all? Absolutely nothing! If it didn’t help, well, all I’d lost was about ten minutes a day being mindless and distracted by something else, replacing it with some near-silence and breathing.

I downloaded Headspace the next morning and began completing a daily session. It only took 10 minutes out of my day (usually in the morning); I did, in fact, begin to notice pretty profound results.

Its technically been 35 straight days now, but I’ve been pondering over this blog post since day 30. What exactly has mindfulness done for me at 10 minutes a day for about 30 days?


My Personal Benefits from 30 Days of Mindfulness

  • My body pain is down about 60%. I used to have night constant pain in my right hip. I notice it occasionally now, breath into it, and it usually relaxes right up. Same with my neck pain.
  • I’m falling asleep much quicker. What used to take me 30 minutes to 2 hours now takes me about fifteen minutes.
  • I am more aware of sensation in my body, especially hints of illness. This invites me to take better care of myself (reminds me, for example, to take my vitamins).
  • I’m chewing slower, therefore enjoying my food more. I’m also digesting a lot better.
  • Some of the symptoms of illness I experience are almost completely gone.
  • My anxiety and stress levels are at an all time low. Panic attacks are more or less non-existent, and I can face challenges and frustrations with a more clear head.
  • I can clear my nervous system of startle response in about 10 seconds or less.
  • I care more about my wellness now, while not fretting about my weight for appearance based reasons.
  • My self esteem has increased overall. I’m more in tune with my boundaries. I also feel more secure in releasing or distancing myself from people who cannot respect my boundaries or themselves.
  • I enjoy the little sensations of intimacy more than I did before.
  • I catch myself not breathing and am able to invite in some breath immediately in response. This also keeps me more present in my other daily activities.
  • Strong emotional experiences are honored, but do not sweep me away the same as they used to. Now, I can pause into them and tend to them with relative ease. As someone who used to suffer from pretty bad dissociation, I do not do that nearly as much anymore.

I hope that learning how mindfulness has benefited me might inspire you to try it for yourself! If you’re looking for tips or more information about mindfulness, you can check out some of my other blog posts. I have written about The Absolute, Stunning Importance of MindfulnessMindfulness Resources, and Mindful Breathing Exercises! I am also happy to talk to anyone about mindfulness one on one as it has absolutely become my passion!

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