Tarot Readings by Safrianna

The following are the general spreads that I can do with any tarot deck. When you do your intake, simply indicate which deck you want me to use, or that you want me to chose a spread for you. Note that these are TAROT specific spreads! 🙂

Please read through the descriptions and the card meanings before selecting. If you feel something needs tweaked or that there is information I need to know, please indicate this in your intake form!

In case you need to look at the decks again, they can be found over here!



The “Celtic Cross” Spread

Despite it’s complexity, the “Celtic Cross” is a spread that has been in used for many ages and is in almost every tarot book. This spread is often the most helpful in complicated situations, because it is versatile and the positions deliver vast amount of information that can be read in several ways depending on the combinations. It points to issues that are of the client’s own making, but also shows what outside influences are at play.


#1 – It presents your current situation.

#2 – This across card will either tell you what is helping you or what is holding you back.

#3 – It tackles your subconscious influences. What does your heart truly desire that you are unaware of? These influences you do not know have powerful effect in your everyday life.

#4 – This is your past card. What past events or issues are bugging your life until now? Bad past may have an adverse effect in your current situation that you probably need to let go real soon, and good past must be acknowledged as your life inspiration.

#5 – This deals with your conscious desires. What are your objectives and goals that are of extreme value to you right now? This is where you should place your strongest energy. Depending on the card, it may also signify how you should use that energy.

#6 – This is your headlight. Where are you going? What path are you tracing? If the card says there is a negative energy on your way, what can you do to avoid it? How will you redirect your life to a better track?

#7 – This card is your attitude. It represents your actions, thoughts, and ideals.

#8 – This is an energy card. What kind of energy do you get from the people surrounding you and your environment? Are they helpful?

#9 – This is a revelation card. It signifies the things that you should know and be aware of in your current situation. Something you should never neglect.

#10 – Final card and it means your final outcome. Based on your current energies, this will have a strong connection with your #5 card. What does it say? Are the energies complementing or conflicting each other?

Traditional Celtic Cross (Wand & Chalice) Reading

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The “Three Card” Spread

The simplest of all. Three cards and that’s it. SO SIMPLE IT DOESN’T NEED A DIAGRAM HERE!

Despite being so simple, this is one of the most powerful Tarot spreads and an easy go to. It is versatile, quick, and still provides insight and guidance if you’re feeling lost or confused.

The Three Card spread is very different as there is not one fixed purpose or meaning to each card position. YOU chose what you want to use it for. Here are a few of the ways it can be used:

  • Past/Present/Future
  • What helps you/What hinders you/What are your realized and unrealized potentials?
  • Current situation/Challenges/Guidance
  • What you think/What you Feel/What You Do
  • You/Your Partner/Your relationship
  • Strengths/Weaknesses/Advice
  • Mind/Body/Spirit

Three Card Spread

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The “Career Path” Spread

Trying to figure out your career? This spread might give you some much desired insight about your profession, obstacles, and strategies to move forward.

Furthermore, if you are unhappy with your current career choice, this is the spread to use to suggest alternative paths based on your personal strengths.


#1 – This card interprets the answer to the question: “Is your current job your ideal job?”

#2 – This card signifies what actions must be taken to further your career.

#3 – This card reveals the aspects in your career life that you can no longer alter.

#4 – This card shows your level of performance in your current job. Are you exerting enough effort to get to the top or even to accelerate?

#5 – The fifth card tells you the things that you need to change and improve.

#6 – This answers the question: “Is there a past event in your career life that is affecting your current work status?”

#7 – This final card interprets the result that you must anticipate if you follow the guide promptly.

Career Reading

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Single Card Message Spread

Do you have a question that is nagging on your mind and you want do know what the Universe has to say about it?

For this reading, you MUST have a question that is something like, “What do I need to know about ___?” or “What do I need to know in this moment?” or “Is there something the Divine want me to hear?”

As always, any background information you can give me will help tremendously.

Single Card Reading

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Birthday, Year Ahead Spread

Is it your birthday? Want to treat yourself? This reading can give a possible outlook of the year to come, helping you set some goals. Please note to read the description of these cards. If, for example, you have no siblings or your parents have passed, these might be relevant items to let me know in advance so I can get clearer messages from the cards as to alternatives those positions might be indicating. 


# 13 – What you need to know right now

#1 – Your self-image and personality

# 2 – Your value system and material resources

#3 – Your siblings and communication (if you do not have siblings, you might wish to indicate this to me)

#4 – Your parents, your home, and family

# 5 – Creativity, affairs of the heart, fun, and children

# 6 – Work, responsibilities, and health

# 7 – Partnerships (romantic and business)

# 8 – Sex, death, and other people’s money

# 9 – Travel, higher education, and spiritual connections

# 10 – Your public image, vocation, and ambition

# 11 – Friends, hopes, goals, and wishes

# 12 – Your inner self, dreams, secrets, the past

Birthday, Year Ahead Reading

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Overcoming Fears Spread

Are you challenged by a fear? Is it holding you back? This spread can help you figure out some steps you might take to overcome those fears. You can chose whether or not to tell me about the fear in your intake.

Fear Spread

#1 – What you need to know most about what you fear

# 2 – What aspect of your fear is real

#3 – How you can combat your fear

#4 – What aspect of your fear is an illusion

# 5 – How you can banish the illusion

# 6 – What you fear the most

# 7 – Howe you can overcome it

# 8 – What you will learn by overcoming this fear

Overcoming Fears Reading

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Current Relationship Forecast Spread

This is a spread meant for a relationship you are ALREADY in, rather than forecasting a potential love (for that, see the next spread)! This spread can help you become more in turn with the hidden energies at work in this relationship and how you can bring more harmony in!

Love Me Spread

#1 – What you need to know about how you see this relationship

# 2 – The strongest aspect or foundation of this relationship

#3 – What you hope for in this relationship

#4 – What happened in the past that is affecting this relationship

# 5 – What you can expect from this relationship

# 6 – Your favorite thing about this relationship

# 7 – What you can do to make your favorite thing even better

# 8 – Your least favorite thing about this relationship

# 9 – What you can do to improve your least favorite thing

Current Relationship Forecast Spread

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Self Improvement and/or Love Drawing Spread

Do you struggle with how to take care of yourself or self improve? Do you want to bring love into your life? This spread addresses those energies simply and elegantly. Please indicate in your intake if you want to focus on both or one. 

Rose Petals

#1 – This is something nice you need to do for yourself

# 2 – This is something you need to learn

#3 – This is an issue you need to address

#4 – This is a step you can take to find love

# 5 – This is a goal you need to work toward

Self Improvement & Love Drawing Spread

Also called the Rose Petals spread. Make sure you follow the link at the bottom of the page to complete your intake!



Two Paths Spread

By and far my favorite spread for a quick, but impacting reading. Trying to decide between two paths? This spread lays out the possible ups and downs of both, giving you a bit of clarity on which way you might want to go. I simply love it. 

Two Paths

#1 – What you need to now about were you are right now

# 2 & 5 – The BENEFITS of each path

#3 & 6 – The DOWNSIDES of each path

#4 & 7 – The probably outcomes of each path

Two Paths Reading

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Want a different kind of reading but don’t see the spread you want? Email me at SacredOakheart@Gmail.com and we can custom create and price a reading for you!



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Words of Caution

Tarot cannot predict the future. In truth, nothing can. What tarot can do is feel out possible futures and make you aware of energies that may be at play in any given situation. Tarot taps into the unconscious forces, the shadow, the unseen. It is an immensely powerful tool, and even if it can see what’s coming, often by making us aware we shift our energy to avoid the things we do not want to try and make sure such things do not come to pass. Or, the cards make invite us to pursue something we do want with all our might.

Please do not use tarot readings to make any life altering decisions that impact your health. Please work with medical professionals to determine whether or not you should follow through with certain procedures, medications, or so on. Tarot is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailments.

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