Overview of Tarot & Oracle Readings by Safrianna

If you’re looking at this page, that means you might be interested in a tarot, oracle, or animal reading. This page serves as an overview of my readings. You can also click on a specific deck to find spreads and pricing for individual readings!

What sorts of readings do you offer?

I offer traditional tarot readings, readings based on specific deck spreads (which you will find on the individual deck pages), oracle readings (with spreads based on the individual decks), and Animal Guide / Spirit readings. If you want an animal guide reading, please go through the Druid Animal Oracle

What will I get with a reading?

  1. You will get an image of the the spread I have pulled for you.
  2. You will get a typed write up of the spread with the meanings and my interpretations clearly laid out for you. These write ups will be as specific as the question that you ask. If you provide a vague question, you will get vague answers. If you give a specific question and any minor details you’re comfortable sharing, you will get a more specific reading pertaining to that matter.

Why get an online reading vs. one in person?

When you sit down with a tarot reader, you usually pay about $1 a minute, if not more. Often, 30 minute readings are upwards of $60. You also get their quick impression and then you are out the door with no written record. With my online readings, you will be sent a PDF copy of your reading including an image of the card spread that you can refer back to as many times as you want. I put a great deal of effort into the reading and ensure that you are given an easy to follow document that you can always have access to.

What all goes into you doing a reading?

Readings with me have three steps (two of which are entirely optional)! If you want a reading from me, you will need to consider the following prior to purchasing your reading and sending in your intake information.

  1. Choose your deck (Optional)
  2. Choose your cleansing method (Optional)
  3. Choose your spread & question

Once I have all this information from you, I will get the deck and cleanse it. I will then sit down to do the reading. I will use various tools to help set the space for the reading such as candles, crystals, incense or smudge, and altar cloths. Throughout the reading, I will employ my intuition as well as pendulums to get the most accurate read I can.

Choose a Deck

You can opt for me to select the deck I best feel fits your needs and question based on your intake. Alternatively, you may look through my decks and see which one’s theme and energy most resonates with you. All of these pictures are of my actual decks. I have provided links to the sites where you can see more information and pictures about each.


Animal Wisdom

The Animal Wisdom tarot is one I use for two purposes – both as a general tarot deck and in conjunction with the Druid Animal Oracle for Animal Guide readings. This particular deck has a very spiritual energy, shedding light on the darkest places of our spirits and guiding us with inspiration.



My most commonly used deck for readings, DruidCraft is a marriage between Druid and Wiccan imagery. With fairly traditional meanings and reversals, this is an easy choice. The energy of this deck is very direct. It tends to get right to the heart of things and can give good practical advice.



A deck for artists and Mucha lovers alike, the Mucha Tarot is rich with beautiful visuals. It is a very traditional deck in meaning.


Mystic Faerie

This was my first ever tarot deck! It has no reversal meanings and tends to be a gentle deck. It is especially good for looking at relationships.



This deck is as dark as they come. Do you want to look at your shadow self? Do you want to break down your fears? The Vampire Deck taps us into our true, primal core. It is no nonsense and will get to the truth of the matter with no fluff and fancy.



The Shadowscapes is a breathtaking deck full of symbolism. Like Mystic Faerie, it has no reversals. It is, however, rich with storytelling.



Cool! All the spreads are the same, so you can still chose a spread and then indicate on your intake form that you want me to pick a deck for you!

Oracle Decks

Oracle decks each have their own unique spreads. Please go to the specific pages of each oracle deck in order to purchase a reading using one of them.


A deck deeply in tune with the cycle of the moon, this deck has spreads for each monthly moon, a spiral transitions spread, and a standard past, present, future spread. The energy is very refined, inspiring us with wisdom to move forward by pointing out what might be holding us back. This deck employs “reversals” in the form of Shadows, but since the cards are round they can be turned anywhere in the 360 degree spectrum, giving us indicators as to where we are on our journey.

[[Spreads for this deck coming soon!]]


CrystalWith some very unique spreads and messages, the Crystal Healing Wisdom deck offers healing insights as well as self understandings. It does offer traditional divination interpretations as well. This deck MUST use the indicated crystal spreads.

Click on this deck to see the spreads!

Power Animal & Animal Guide Readings

Used for Power Animal & Animal Guide Readings ONLY!
Druid Animal Oracle

I almost exclusively use the Druid Animal Oracle for Animal Guide Readings. This deck, as you can see from the blank card, has white cards to indicate that the animal you are looking for is not in the deck. This helps me get an idea if what I have between the two decks is not available. At this point, I use a pendulum to confirm what animal is missing.

I use the Animal Tarot in conjunction with his!

About Choosing Your Cleansing Method (Optional)

When you do your intake, you can indicate if you want me to cleanse the deck in a specific way for your reading. I cleanse my decks in between readings in one of the following ways:

  • Smudge – Sage or Palo Santo
  • Crystal – Selenite Wand or Crystal Grid clearing
  • Sound – Decks are placed inside a large singing bowl
  • Energy – Reiki

Choose a Spread

You can find all of my TAROT spreads here. Again, if you want an oracle reading, you will need to click on the specific oracle decks above to go to their pages and get their spreads or click here for an Animal Guide reading, here for the Crystal Oracle, and the link for Spirit de la Lune is coming soon!

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