Animal Guide / Spirit Readings by Safrianna

Using a combination of the Druid Animal Oracle and Animal Tarot, I can provide three different levels of Animal Guide / Spirit Readings. Note that for the power animal readings, I do shamanic journey work as well which reflects the price difference given that it is only one card.

Here is an example reading that you can take a look at. Please note, however, it does NOT contain images or the shamanic journey message from the power animal. This is just the basic text! You will get even more than what you see here.

Your Power Animal

At different times in your life, you may find you have Special Helpers and/or Special Protectors. These animals often stay with you for an limited period of time, depending on the challenges that you are facing. They usually appear in person, in dreams, or during meditation. With a Power Animal Reading, I will divine if there are any power animals that wish to work with you at the moment. I will also do a shamanic journey to speak with the animal and bring back any messages they wish to give you.

In this reading, you will be provided with a picture of the card (or if I drew a blank card, whatever image I can find on the web). You will get a detailed write up of the significance of this animal’s presence in your life as well as any messages I received in the journey.

In your intake, if there is any specific question you wish me to ask the Power Animal when I journey, indicate that when you have the option to write that question in the intake form (which you will find at the bottom of this page!)

Power Animal Reading & Message

Note the increased cost of this reading is due to the addition of Shamanic Journey Work. Make sure you follow the link at the bottom of the page to complete your intake!



Your Nine Animal Guides

Every person has nine animal essences, spirits, guides, or totems (whatever word resonates with you) that walk through life with them, teaching, guiding, and in some cases, protecting them.
These nine totems can remain the same throughout your lifetime; however, major life events can cause some or all of your totems to change. These totems are around your spirit: East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within. The last two animals are walking beside you at all times; your Right Side (male) and your Left Side (feminine). While sometimes the living animal is around you, most often we are only in contact with the essence of the animal.
In this reading I will do a detailed write up of the general meanings of these animals, as well as my further interpretation. In your intake, if you offer any information on any significant events happening in your life, life changes, or other information, I may be able to offer additional insight about the animal’s influence or message in your life.

Nine Animal Guides Reading

Make sure you follow the link at the bottom of the page to complete your intake!


Nine Animal Guides + Power Animals

This is simply a combination of the two readings above at a bundled price.

Animal Guides AND Power Animal Reading Bundle

This is a bundled discount. Make sure you follow the link at the bottom of the page to complete your intake!


✩Follow this link to complete the intake.✩

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