Oracle Reading: Solar Eclipse Spread x 3

The following is the write up for a triple reading done during the solar eclipse. This is a great idea of a sample reading done with the Spirit de la Lune deck which I just absolutely adore. The readings are so clear, poignant, and filled with messages.

If you’re interested in getting a reading done yourself, contact me or check out the shop page!

For a frame of reference, this reading was done for a couple (Jake and I), which is why it has three parts. It is pretty obvious to tell which one is which! 🙂


Question: How do I manifest my divine femininity?

Earth: Your current outlook on the situation

16. Waxing Gibbous (Fully Upright) MANIFEST

You recognize that now is the time to manifest your soul’s desires in becoming more fully engaged with your divine feminine self. You are aligned with bringing your Goddess self, your feminine nature, to fruition this moon phase, evolving and growing to share your magic with the world. You are close to the peak of your “cycle” and your goals are almost to completion – in other words, you have all the tools you need within you already to make this happen

Moon: What are the obstacles before you / the threshold you need to step over?

10. Aquarius (turned perfectly sideways) THE VISIONARY

You need to make sure that as you step into the divine feminine, you do not let your inner critic interrupt the process. You will cross the threshold by remaining true to yourself. In the case of the divine feminine, that means embracing what it looks like for you, not someone else’s definition of the feminine.

Sun: the new path through the portal

9. Libra (Almost upright, 90%) THE PEACEMAKER

FULLY take a stand in being true to yourself – the 90% there suggests that you are still holding back somewhat of your full emotions. With that in mind, you must allow your emotions to guide you, and you  will come more in tune with the divine feminine. You can deepen your relationship with your partner and maintain peace by seeking balance between his divine masculine and your divine feminine.

A message from the earth

29. Scorpio (Almost fully reversed) THE SHAMAN

Do not linger in your bitterness. Your shadow is here to teach you lessons you are meant to overcome. Love your shadow. I take this to mean release the past, especially the intense negative emotions. In this way, you can step into the compassion of your divine feminine.

A message from the Cosmos

13. Waxing Gibbous (Almost fully reversed) FOCUS

Rest if you’re fatigued. If you’re procrastinating, ask why you are holding yourself back. Surround your self with positive and motivated friends and people. But, you are not fully there. Be ignited with feminine energy and passion.  You just need to be careful to rest and take care of yourself.


Question: How do I manifest my divine masculinity?

Earth: Your current outlook on the situation

  1. Blessing Moon (Upright) CONTENTMENT

Right now you are feeling content with what you have accomplished so far. There is room for celebration and relaxation, although your work is far from over. Before you can move on with embracing the divine masculine further, you must first honor what work you’ve already done, and this is what you are in the process of doing. Celebrate with the love and gratitude you are experiencing right now.

Moon: What are the obstacles before you / the threshold you need to step over?

  1. Waxing Gibbous (Slightly past reversed) COURAGE

Karmic lessons may be asking you to be more brave and do the right thing even if it is actually against the mainstream. Your soul has great things to do – things that can be achieved by stepping fully into the divine masculine, but you have to be courageous. In order to step fully into the divine masculine, don’t compare yourself to others. If you find yourself acting in-authentically to your core self, set that straight. Do not forget your values and principles, nor let jealousy from within get the best of you. Right now, you’re moving towards stepping into your courage which will let you be transformed.

Sun: the new path through the portal

  1. Waxing Crescent (Fully reversed) AWARENESS

Learn from your past and have faith that you can move forward with more wisdom and understanding. This is your portal to the divine masculine. Forgive yourself and let go of the past while staying open to new opportunities, and you will find the way before you.

A message from the earth

IV Honey Moon (Upright) PRODUCTIVITY

Make your life delicious and fruitful. Follow your soul work towards embracing the divine masculine. If you’re unsure where to start, figure out what ignites your passion – it may be a person you’re drawn to that helps you feel into your divine masculine, and/or it may be learning something new you’ve always wanted to. Either way, plant your soul seeds and let them grow and bloom.

A message from the Cosmos

VI Corn Moon (Reversed) ABUNDANCE

Stop focusing on what you lack in life. If you focus on what you do not have or cannot have, you will fail to manifest your true desires and you will miss out on the abundance that exists right now in front of you. Shift your perspective on who you are and what you are and the divine masculine will raise your energy and open you to new forms of abundance and desire.


Question: How do we manifest our divine union?

(Written from the perspective of talking to the couple – thus YOU is a unit of two here).

Earth: Your current outlook on the situation

  1. Last Quarter (just past upright) RELEASE

You have been stuck in the mud for some time and now are getting to a stage where you can release what no longer serves mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. You are in the process of honoring the past, but releasing it all the same. You are aware that deep wisdom and magic await you if you traverse more deeply into your spiritual lives, and this will support you in manifesting your divine union.

Moon: What are the obstacles before you / the threshold you need to step over?

III. Flower Moon (Almost upright) BLOOM

The meaning of this card is literally the time of sacred union between masculine and feminine. In order for you to be able to overcome your obstacles and achieve that sacred union, you must each balance the sacred energies within yourself. You are close to this, as indicated by the card being almost upright. The union within the self must come before the full union with another can be achieved.

Sun: the new path through the portal

  1. Gemini (Just past upright) THE TWINS

Again, as with the previous card, the Gemini has to do with balancing the feminine and masculine energies within each person. In this case, given that the reading is specifically about you as a unit, the twins become the reflections of the duality both within and without each person. Be open minded and allow yourselves to be reflections of one another as well as the balance for one another, and everything will open up before you.

A message from the earth

  1. Pisces (Just past upright) THE PSYCHIC

Use compassion and empathy in your situation, whether for yourselves or each other. Listen deeply to yourselves and each other, especially when having intuitive feelings. Stay present. By listening, perhaps, to what the divine masculine has to say about the divine feminine, and what the divine feminine has to say about the divine masculine, you may more fully be able to step into the reflection of one another on a spiritual and intuitive level.

A message from the Cosmos

  1. First Quarter (Almost reversed) IGNITE

Allow your energy and intuition to guide you. Make sure your sacral and solar chakras are balanced and make sure you are each taking time to build back up your personal energy in ways that work for you. Perhaps you can build a to-do list together of what will allow you to feel more in tune as a unit, and work on them together. Ignite the actions that bring you together. Build your dreams together and make them a reality.


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