Review: Spirit de la Lune Oracle Deck

My loving partner, Caine Dreamwalker, just got me the Spirit de la Lune oracle deck created by Marisa Rankin and Rachael Caringella. You can find this deck yourself at Spirit de la Lune.

Overview of Spirit de la Lune

Boxing & Book

My first impression upon unwrapping was how beautiful the container was. The foil stamped square-shaped box is a sturdy structure with a small circular recess inside that is perfect for fitting the cards. It also contains a paperback book with black and white print that gives an overview of the oracle deck explaining a little bit about the concept, how to use it, and some different oracle spreads that are suggested specifically for this deck.
The deck comes with two reference cards, a prayer, an info card, an inlaid insert for the cards to stay cozy, and the guide book.



The first thing that struck me is how reversals, or in this case, shadows work. Because many decks use reversals, but this deck is round, it invites the reader to apply a different way to interpret the cards. If the cards are turned slightly rather than upright or completely reversed, the wheel or circle shape reminds us that life is a cycle. We are SOMEWHERE in that cycle. The card being turned in different directions can be interpreted in many different ways. For example, perhaps the energy has yet to pass or external factors might be inhibiting the energy from coming up the way we want it. I think that this is such a interesting idea, adding a layer of depth to our interpretations that no other deck I have seen can do. Other interpretations could be blockages or that the event has not occurred inviting us to look more specifically at the way the cards relate to the spread as a whole.


Unlike an other oracle decks that often have a single category of topics like fairies or nature, this oracle is not just a singular category. Though it has the moon as its core, it is divide into three subgroups. It has 28 moon phase cards and then 16 “moondalas” that would be akin to the major arcana in the tarot. These mandalas or moondalas embody each full moon experienced during the year, specifically the astrological phases such as Cancer/Leo phase, and then other powerful lunar events like eclipses super moons and blue moons. Each of the 16 moondalas has its own spread. The rest of the cards are related to the Zodiac giving it a total of 56 cards in this deck.
An up close shot of the beautiful artwork.

The moondalas indicate a longer impact in life (again like the major arcana) while the moon phase cards indicate shorter term effects (now thinking minor arcana). The Zodiacs may represent people, the actual sign the Moon is in, or internal archtypes (like the court cards)!

Cleansing the Deck

As another fun note, the creators of the deck even suggest that the cards themselves are cleansed in moonlight and that the timing of those cleanses are significant to the types of readings you might like to do. For example, if you have questions regarding a new phase in life, you may wish to cleanse the deck during the new moon in order to enhance the energy of the reading later.

Choosing a Spread to Test

To test my new deck out I decided to do the “Blessing Moon Spread” because according to the guide book the Blessing Moon phase is the Cancer into Leo moon cycle. As its August 18th, 2017 presently, the Moon is in Cancer right now and will be moving into Leo as we transition to the solar eclipse.
Using my pendulum to select cards for the layout.
The Blessing Moon spread pulls 5 cards.
1. The first card represents the Moonrise. What is rising in my life?
2. The second card is Flow. How is the energy moving?
3. The third card is the Full Moon. What is being completed?
4. The fourth card is Ebb. What is slowing down?
5. The final card is the Moon Set. What am I making room for?
Getting ready to flip them over! This is a five card spread based on the “Blessing Moon,” which is the moon between Cancer and Leo.

Time to flip them over!!!

My Reading

Here was my spread!


What’s Rising in My Life

1. My moonrise, or what is rising in my life, was the Sage Moon. This was reversed. Being that it is one of the Moondalas, it indicates a force that is longer lasting in my life. This made sense to me due to the current work I am doing. The past has be building to this crescendo for a long time, so it is appropriate that the shadow meaning of this card is a suggestion to shed the heavy burdens of our spirit in order to focus on self love and nourishing our soul. This is definitely true for me right now as I’m going through a process of allowing that self-love in to release the past.

How My Energy is Moving

2. The next card which represents how my energy is moving is a Waxing Crescent. The irony here is that this is the stage the moon is currently in, so it literally is how the lunar energy is moving in this moment! This card is almost turned to a reversal, but it’s not quite there. My impression here is that perhaps my energy is a little bit stuck, but that I’m trying. This card is all about remaining still and observing. The key word is “be.” It suggests that things have resurfaced that have been deeply buried so that I can acknowledge them, forgive them, thank them, and release them. Notice that it is a phase card, indicating it is shorter term. Earlier today, I actually did a bit of a ritual involving EFT tapping and crystal work as I engaged directly with a traumatic memory. I didn’t really try to do much with it other than let it be there in order to release it, so I find it interesting that this card came up as what I’m doing with my energy! With it being almost reversed, it suggests my ego is afraid to look deeper and wants me to stay safe, but because its not quite there I read this to mean I overcame it and avoided shutting down.

What is Being Completed

3. The next card is what is being completed. I drew the Waxing Gibbous with the key word “devotion.” It is completely reversed. When it’s reversed, it is supposed to mean the path is being tested right now and basically that you have to choose to stay steadfast. But, this is something being completed. What I am doing or completing right now is coming to the stage where I am looking deep into my heart and realizing what I do want. I am being dedicated to moving forward with that choice completely.

What is Slowing Down

4. For what is slowing down I pulled the Leo. As it is a Zodiac, it may represent people or archetypes. The first thing that comes to mind naturally is my partner as he greatly embodies Leo energy. It is not quite reversed, but is leaning towards it. This could mean many things. The actual deck meaning when completely upright indicates the flow of attraction and warns to choose what you wish to manifest wisely. I think that my manifesting is starting to slow down. I wanted to get back on a spiritual path and figure myself out. I wanted to finish grad school. A lot of phases in my life are coming to an end and all of the actions, all of the doing, is starting to cease. It could also mean (or jointly even), that some of my partner’s Leo energy is slowing down as well, which was a source of some of the past wounding I’m trying to release.

What I am Making Room For

5. The final card is the Cold Moon, and this represents what I am making room for. I am looking for sanctuary. This is yet another Moondala, indicating longer term work. The Cold Moon represents hibernation and it is reversed, but just a little bit past the point of reverse. That tells me that I’m starting to build up to a period of hibernation. My soul needs to rest. I need to take this time to create the sanctuary I need. It suggests taking a break. Obviously, I’m working towards that break, but maybe I can’t take it right this second. However, it is what I need to be working on. I think that the sanctuary is my new spiritual path and all that it will entail which gives me room to find stillness.


I decided to draw one more card to ask what I could do to create the sanctuary for myself and allow myself to breathe.
For this I got the Crone Moon which is deep wisdom. I immediately began snickering at this because everything I’ve been doing lately has been about finding my deep feminine wisdom. The suggestion here is basically to connect with my own Crone energy, and unsurprisingly, to walk in the dark and shed light on the wounds that I want to heal. In other words, this is another very strong heal the past message which has literally come up in EVERY reading I’ve done in the past week and a half.
I asked for additional clarity on what I could actually do to release the past as the Crone card was suggesting, and when I tried to use my pendulum on the deck it implied that there was nothing in the deck left for me. I asked if there was an answer nearby for the question, and it said yes. I asked if the card was already in the reading and it said yes again. Funny enough, it brought me back to the beginning of the reading to the Sage Moon (what was rising in my life). The message here with the new spin on the question was to take responsibility for my own actions and forgive myself and others. I need to walk through the door of change and prepare for a new chapter.
I must purify my intent and my spirit.

Final Thoughts


  • The deck read accurately for me.
  • It is beautiful from the box to the artwork. I love the foil stamping. It is definitely quality!
  • The cards are sturdy, though I did not want to shuffle them and instead fanned them out.
  • I find the reversals/shadows system quite interesting. It adds an extra layer!


  • I wish the book was able to be bigger or organized in a different way. It felt a bit cramped!
  • I would have preferred that they put the spreads for each of the moondala cards in the back rather than with the descriptions of the cards as the pages became a little bit cumbersome to sort through.
  • The price. At $52 + shipping, it is not accessible for everyone!


  • The book could only be bigger by making the box bigger, and honestly the box of beautiful I definitely inspires a lot of deep wisdom from its aesthetic alone.

Final score!


Although I did not purchase this deck and my partner did, it’s absolutely worth the cost which is admittedly quite steep for a deck. Although I am financially tight, if I had gotten to do a reading with this deck, I would have saved up to buy it.
I look forward to using these cards nightly as I study the cycles of the Moon.
Until next time,

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