Journey 7/16/17: Meeting Arianrhod

As per my journey the day before, I had been given the task by an owl named Ahn-oo (that is the phonetic spelling because I am not sure how it is properly spelled) to journey to meet Arianrhod and talk with her at last. I had already given the Goddess gifts in a previous journey (silver bracelet, moonstone, moon harvested wheat), but had not really talked to her due to issues remaining conscious. Later that day, I had done a second journey and met with Ahn-oo who gave me specific directions to follow the next night. 

I began my process by setting up a crystal grid to journey in, smudged, lit candles, anointed myself with oils, and then sat down to live drum. When I began playing the drum and closed my eyes, I perceived a cone of white light swirl around me and surge up into the air as if connecting me to the divine. I had to adjust my body a bit before I could continue. Then, I began drumming again and descended into the mid realm to meet with Komodo. He reassured me all was well and dressed me in a white gown with pink lips and a luna moth hairpin made of out silver and moonstone.

Ahn-oo the owl arrived to take me up to the Upper World. I flew with her, resistant to go straight to Arianrhod. I instead dropped in to greet Brigid, a sort of parting – not entirely a farewell, but a knowing that I was moving on from her as my predominant Goddess for the time. She said this was part of my growth and wished me well.

She asked if I wanted her to make me a portal to Arianrhod, but I said I wanted to be brave and go there myself. So I flew on, arriving at her tower like castle with its crystal windows and moon above, and circled three times before landing.

This is how I saw the Goddess: she had a silver bracelet on (the one I gave her), a white dress, moon circlet, and white hair. A silver cloak was upon her back and it has a sort of star shimmer to it.

Indeed, she looked an awful lot like this image I found:


Arianrhod greeted me, and we ascended the stairs and into her castle tower which was decorated with the colors of the night – silver, white, black, deep blue and purple. She lead me to a table where she had set a feast with tea – though I barely tasted it to know what herbs it was made of. She showed me the feast to demonstrate part of my femininity to me. Cooking, specifically cooking sacred food in acts of kitchen witchery, is an important part of my femininity and feminine expression. She did suggest that “cottage witchery” was on my list of things to do, just not right now.

I asked her many questions – they are not in order here. She implied she was proud of me for breaking out of my norm and approaching her rather than waiting for her to invite me, though she seemed to imply she’d been sending loud enough signals (spiders, songs stuck in my head, crystals, ohgam, etc).

The night before, I had made a gem water as instructed by Ahn-oo. In asking about this, Arianrhod explained the crystal elixir might not have “felt” like much, but it brought me more security and confidence in my femininity.

She affirmed that my ongoing crystal work is important. I should study amethyst and moonstone next, and then intuitively pick one stone of my own before moving onto the next phase of study. That will be to study color and go about things in the way I want to design my crystal course. The course, according to Arianrhod, will take me about three months to write.

We talked about my novel. I should get back to it come Thursday, she told me. I should write Zos’s joys and sorrows as well as Sahj’s introspection and desire to see the world beyond. I should paint a beautiful picture of the night sky to honor Arianrhod. She reminded me to make sure I depict at the end how Sahj knows she has made mistakes.

In terms of sacred sexuality, I should invite my partner into my space with subtle invitations, being sensuous and open. I should pursue sacred sex inside candle grids, light incense, and make a production out of it when I can. I should become in tune to what he desires.

Arianrhod advised I should go ahead and sign up for the moon e-course, and begin pursuing it on the night of the new moon and solar eclipse. I should also go ahead and get the moon mansions book.

I need to FULLY dedicate myself to my studies. No more scrolling Facebook. Get on and do gratitudes and check in on group posts, and that is it. No scrolling the wall. No wasting energy. Spend my day in study. The moon. Crystals. My sense of femininity. I also need to prepare for my exam for becoming a therapist.

It was implied that I should try to make an effort to get more moonstone jewelry in the future.

A very clear message was given to me: There is no room for doubt. Only power.

In dedicating myself to my spiritual path, Arianrhod gave me the following prescription: At night, go outside and clap my hands up at the sky. Bow. Say my prayers and do my typical routine at bedtime. In the morning, shower and cleanse my body and spirit. Bow at the altar.

Arianrhod also implied that Shayva, my owl, was sent to me a long time ago by her and that she was waiting for me to be ready for her. When I asked her to tell me a little more about herself, she explained that on some level she is a Bardic Goddess who inspires the arts. She said that sometimes people associated Her with the fae, but that is not actually true. She is about femininity, the night, and creation.

Post journey, I did look into these things to double check on them. Indeed, her realm of Caer Sidi (meaning revolving castle) is sometimes considered a faery realm, but very rarely. More often, she is associated with the realm of the dead because she helps people transition from one “life” into the next.

I have found that Arianrhod is also associated greatly with rebirth – a concept related to the menalite message. According to one source, she is a Goddess that demands hard work. I am certainly getting that impression so far. 

After all this, we said farewell and I returned.

I’ve much to continue thinking about in the days to come.


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