“Healers” of the World: Dismantle White Supremacy

I am normally all about unconditional and divine love. Don’t get me wrong. I’m the first to preach tolerance and free speech. I am at the front row of do what you want and say what you want. But, I do draw a line. I am not as passive and soft as I might seem.

White supremacy is never okay. Taking the lives and rights of people of color is not okay. Suppressing women is not okay. Erasing and killing trans people is not okay. Denying someone else’s rights or life because you don’t like them is NOT OKAY.

If you consider yourself a healer, you have absolutely no room to sit back and just send some “positive vibes” out at the world from the comfort of your living room and hope the violent rhetoric and action of people like neo-Nazis will just go away.


It is BECAUSE of your silence that they feel empowered to keep doing what they’re doing.

It is BECAUSE you are choosing to ignore and carry on that “normalization” of this terrible stance occurs.

It is BECAUSE you are choosing to make your monetary comfort (not even stability, but above and beyond comfort) more important than the lives of people of color, trans people, those who take a stand against white supremacy, and so on.


We must ALL speak out. If we are not speaking out, we are in agreement.

I am sick and tired of the “spiritual” community, ESPECIALLY WHITE WOMEN, sitting back and ignoring what is going on around them while they push their “healing” businesses and practices (with which they typically make $500-1000 every time someone new signs up for their services and classes with a promise of healing and divine power, inspiration, etc, etc). THIS IS NOT HEALING THE WORLD: THIS IS SIMPLY LETTING YOU LIVE A COZY LIFE.

Image result for anti white supremacy

As Layla Saad wrote in her letter, “I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy (Part One),” you do not need to make your life’s work and your business about activism. However, choosing to say absolutely NOTHING shows you are willing to support, train, and do service for those who would literally prefer to do things like wipe out those with brown skin. As a healer, this is not okay to me. If someone I knew was a neo-Nazi came to me and asked for services, I would deny them. While I do my best to practice unconditional love, it does have some limitations. I am willing to own that.

If a reformed neo-Nazi came to me and asked me to help them heal from the terrible reality of their supremacy for they had genuinely realized the grievous wounds they caused themselves and others in preaching and practicing such hate, THEN I would help them because they there would be hope. But, you cannot argue with someone who is not listening. You cannot heal someone who refuses to see there is anything wrong with them. 

I think the energy shift in the past few days is exactly the push I needed to move forward with my plans to be a healer – and not just any healer, but a healer who speaks out. I will be a healer whose service does not apply The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand which “leverages social status and white privilege to create authority over other women” (Kelly Diels).

On that note… People need to look into how to dismantle their white supremacy that is often right there in their businesses.

I will not promote white supremacy in my future business. I will speak out against those that do. I will be a warrior for change. Love and light only goes so far. Sometimes that light needs to be shone into the evil places that exist right in front of us in the world.

Shine the light of justice with me. 


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