Channeling Goddess Energy: A Meditation

This was a tranced out half-meditation where I asked my fingers to carry the message of the Goddesses who wanted to speak to me. I am amused by several things. One is the random presence of Thor in here. All of this feminine energy, then Thor (who I’ve no connection with aside from a recent meditation where I glimpsed Mjölnir.

According to this meditation, I am somehow decedent ancestrally to Nefertiti whether physically or spiritually.

Also surprising was the mention of Mongolia? I have no relation to Mongolia that I know of. I did a quick search and found that a majority of Mongolians in the past and even present practice Shamanism, Buddhism, and Animism. I do practice these things.

“Traditionally, Mongols practiced Shamanism, worshiping the Blue Sky. However, Tibetan Buddhism (also called Vajrayana Buddhism) gained more popularity after it was introduced in 16th century. Tibetan Buddhism shared the common Buddhist goals of individual release from suffering and reincarnation. As part of their shamanistic heritage, the people practice ritualistic magicnature worshipexorcismmeditation, and natural healing” (from

This gives me much to think on.

Here is the somewhat edited version of what I meditated while channeling:

Goddess, I beg you to speak through me in the flowing rhythms of my body. Goddess, I implore you to reach through the tapping fingers and up to the tendrils of my brain. Goddess, I seek you to speak through me that I may know what it is I need to know.

You have inner wisdom that expands past the ages. You are open to the deepest feminine mysteries and you can shine through the shadows a glimmering moon. A moon that even in the limitless little sliver there is such a powerful light. You are a goddess in your own right. Safrianna Nefertiti, Descendant of this energy in spirit fragment.

Safrianna Artemisa. Safrianna Isis. Safrianna Brigid. Safrianna Thor. Safrianna Juno. Safrianna Morrigan. Safrianna Áine.  Not all these parts in any one life; not all these parts not in just one life. Open to any and all parts or future parts. Many more lives to live, but this one is still going strong.

Komodo spirit rises in power. Roaring Green Flame, the Malachite, the Brigid, intertwined.

Celtic ways merging with Mongolia.

She is who shines on even in the dimmest times, despite liking being cloaked in the shadows. She may fully embrace the witch within, the Druidic priestess of the night time cloud. The twilight. Effervescent and still. She is the one who carries the herb-lore and has the fix for the spirit anytime.

She is the one who studies the stones of the earth and learns their wisdom.

She is the one who perseveres through challenges holding her head high.

She is the one who stands by her wild man and lets him be free. Who inspires him to come running back and want her all the more because she is mystery incarnate. Who smiles coyly and downs not speak from time to time to let him chase her. Who entices him with soft, gentle caresses. She who kisses him with a deep tender fury and holds tightly to him, never letting him go in her own right.

She is the one who paints the soul on the canvas and exposes them to her lover stealing his heart. She is the wisdom being offered openly and so it is known by those she interfaces with.

She shines at all times of the day. She is open to healing. She has unlocked her intuition. It is time to be free.

She does not see pictures, but she bleeds words that pour and ooze over the framework of her mind and soul. She is the writer, the crafter of words who will tell the story that spider wove.

And with this we pass on this knowledge. Take it and know it well. Tap each piece into your heart, and build the fire from this point upward and downward, piercing it through the core of your body.

She is capable of anything.

And with this, three by three, by this rite, so mote it be.

Goddess I thank you for speaking through me. Goddess, I thank you for this opportunity. Thank you Goddess for being my Goddesses, Brigid, Morrigan, Freya, Isis, Kali, Hera.

A tree on waves.

And thus I end.

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