Malachite – The Transformation Stone

Initial Reflection 

Malachite has always been one of my favorite stones due to its deep, beautiful swirling greens. It is so unique in a sea of stones with its rich color and amazing energy. It does run as one of the more expensive stones that can be purchased in stores; I would venture to guess this is due to its high demand as a dying agent, and its history as being a precious decoration.

I was recently called to work with Malachite around the same time my patron Goddess, Brigid, presented herself to me. She wanted me to find a suitable piece to work with my heart chakra energy and to help me open up. I found a stunning piece in a local crystal and mineral store called Earthly Elements. It has a vibrant energy and always seems cool (unsurprising given its earthy energy).

A large specimen of polished malachite. 

Basic Information

Zodiac Sign(s): There are a variety of signs that are associated depending on which source you look at. Those include: Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Capricorn. Take this as you will.

Planetary Association: Venus, Jupiter

Primary Chakra: Heart

Secondary Chakra(s): Thymus/Higher heart; sometimes Throat

God/dess Associations: Hathor, Isis, Persephone (Spring association), Brigid (Spring/healing association)

Element(s): Earth

Key Words: Manifestation; Transformation; Self-Awareness; Healing; Clarity; Protection

*Important Safety Information*: Malachite is toxic in powdered form. It is highly recommended that you do NOT use Malachite in crystal elixirs. If you want to make an elixir, you can place the stone next to the water, but please do not imbibe and drink this stone directly due to the risks. Some companies still use “malachite green” for dyes. It might be useful to be aware of this and avoid such products!

A tumbled malachite stone.


Malachite was widely used in the Greco-Roman society for jewelry and also eye shadow. As it turned out to be toxic, this did not end so well! Egyptians used malachite in talismans to ward off evil. Russian czars made ornamental decorations out of this stone, as well. Across multiple cultures, malachite was used to protect children from malignant spirits.

The beautiful, raw malachite – native to the Congo. 

Magical Uses

Transformation: Malachite is particularly well known for its transformative properties. Not only can it help transmute negative energy, but it also can help us to grow during periods of change in our life. This stone can inspire people to take risks, break patterns, and experience new found ability to change in areas they want. In this way, malachite is good for self-awareness and being open to perceiving what is happening in and around them. As you read through the rest of the properties, you’ll find there is a general theme of transformation in them.

Protection & Courage: Malachite is particularly well applied to fight against overabundant psychic energy, especially in a crowded place. This stone can support the courage to face a confrontation.

Prosperity: Due to its green color, malachite is often associated with prosperity magic. If looking for a crystal in a pinch, this could do.

Energetic Toxins / Dispelling Bad Energy: Holding malachite in the hand can help to clear negative energy. However, note that one’s intention must be to dispel the negative energy by focusing on the positive. This is because of the amplifying effect of the malachite. Furthermore, it can even dispel energetic toxins from things like fluorescent lighting, electrical equipment, and disturbing electrical sounds.

Healing Uses


Note: Malachite can amplify both positive and negative energies, so it is important to channel positive energy into it!

General notes: Malachite is very balancing in general, but as stated above, it can amplify energy so it is important to keep it positive. In small doses, some metaphysicians recommend using malachite for personal healing because of its ability to pick up on all that negative energy. Just be sure to clear it between all uses. See how to cleanse it below.

The Energy System & Chakras: Malachite is most closely associated with the heart chakra. However, it is often used to help with the throat chakra as well. This could be because of the malchite’s nature to help us be self-aware – therefore, it could help us open up to our truth.

It can help release energy blockages and sap up negative energy that is radiating throughout our energy bodies.

Emotional System: Malachite can help with emotional blockages, building courage, releasing past traumas, and attending to buried feelings. It can help to draw emotions to the surface so that you can attend to them.

Mind System: Psychic protection, psychic ability, and releasing negative thought patterns as all things that malachite can help with.

Body System: In the body, malachite has been seen to benefit joints, coordination, circulatory system (blood), asthma, arthritis, and cramps during childbirth.

How to Care for This Stone

Malachite can be damaged by salt, so it is recommend it be cleansed in a different way. If you have clean soil, you could bury it, lay it on the earth, use gentle, pure water cleansing, or smoke cleansing. Just don’t soak it or bury it in salt!

This stone MUST be cleared routinely because it picks up negative energy so easily. Remember, crystals are like batteries and you want to put GOOD energy into it when you’re using it. Any time you use this for healing or magical work, or it has just been sitting around, make sure to clear it so it does not sit there radiating yuck!

Malchite Katanga
Polished malachite cross section – both sides.

I hope you all enjoy using malachite. Do you have any other uses or associations with it? If so, I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment or send us an email with your feedback.

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*As an important note, there is A LOT of information out there about crystals. Some of it is MASSIVELY conflicting. One website or book will have one association with a crystal. Another will have something completely and utterly different. The most important thing in working with crystals is that you go with your intuition and instinct. You can feel the energy of a stone and pick up on what it might be drawn to in terms of its use. These are earth’s helpers, magical, energetic gifts. So, respect their individual energies. 
The information provided in my articles will be a blending of available information from books and well reputed resources, as well as my personal experiences with working with them.

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