Crystal Healing & Magic: Masterpost

My next series is all about crystals, inspired by recent books I’ve read (see my reviews for more details) and the guidance of my patron Goddess, Brigid. During a meditation, Brigid told me I should look to the gifts of the earth – crystals – for healing and inspiration in my path. She specifically told me that I should work with malachite, and it is for this reason that my first released article will be on malachite stones.

This is the master-post for my crystal series. As each new segment comes out, you can find them all linked here!

I hope you will enjoy working with crystals as much as I do! If there is a stone not listed in this series that you would like to learn more about, please leave a comment or send us an email!

As an important note, there is A LOT of information out there about crystals. Some of it is MASSIVELY conflicting. One website or book will have one association with a crystal. Another will have something completely and utterly different. The most important thing in working with crystals is that you go with your intuition and instinct. You can feel the energy of a stone and pick up on what it might be drawn to in terms of its use. These are earth’s helpers, magical, energetic gifts. So, respect their individual energies. 

The information provided in my articles will be a blending of available information from books and well reputed resources, as well as my personal experiences with working with them.


  • How to Clear & Charge your Sacred Stones
  • Projective vs. Receptive Stones
  • Quartz Crystal – The Universal Stone
  • Moonstone – The Divine Feminine
  • Rose Quartz – The Stone of Love
  • Red Jasper – The Stone of Endurance
  • Carnelian – The Sacred Fire
  • Citrine – Positive Alchemy 
  • Bloodstone – The Invigorator
  • Jade – The Manifestor
  • Green Aventurine – The Vitality Stone
  • Malachite – The Transformation Stone
  • Turquoise – Calm & Positive
  • Lapis Lazuli – The Communicator
  • Blue Lace Agate – A Stone of Trust
  • Amazonite – The Equalizer
  • Amethyst – The Guide
  • Tigers Eye – The Stone of Courage
  • Jet – The Stalwart Protector
  • Hematite – Ground & Center
  • Crystal Elixirs – Energetic Potions for Healing & Transformation
  • Crystal Grids

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