Review: “Druidcraft” by Philip Carr-Gomm

I just finished listening to the audio-book version of Druidcraft by Philip Carr-Gomm, narrated by the author himself, as well as Stephanie and Sophia Carr-Gomm. This work is available on Audible. I also ended up picking up the kindle version (more on why later) to have access to the material in a visual format.

The Premise 

The book, Druidcraft, is an overview of the ways in which the practices of Druidry and Wicca can be combined for an even deeper and more well rounded approach to spirituality. While Druidry and Wicca are in of themselves unique and powerful spiritual paths, combining the wisdom seeking and creativity of Druidry and the balance of the masculine and feminine forces of God and Goddess in Wicca offers a promising marriage of magical possibility.

Druidcraft is formatted into sections containing a story/bardic tale, a colloquy (a mock conversation between a student and mentor), a practice, and a bit of history. The book offers multiple rituals, meditations, and other practices to help integrate Druidcraft into one’s life, including an initiation ritual.

The Narration

Philip, Stephanie, and Sophia Carr-Gomm go back and forth narrating which I found to be a nice break from many audio books read by a single narrator. I enjoyed the way it created a conversational flow. In addition to the speaking portions, small musical intros and outros were included that I quite liked, though sometimes I felt eager to get on to the content. The audio quality itself was not the best – the microphones seemed way over sensitive to little sounds like breathing, pages shuffling, and so on. Of course, this problem is ENTIRELY avoided by having the paper or digital copy of the actual book.


The Content

I both enjoyed and disliked this book. It was like getting a delicious bite of the best kind of dessert, and then being limited to just that single taste. I suppose I should have gathered that there was not a whole lot of substance to the book given that the time came in under 5 hours. There is not a whole lot of room to communicate a lot of information in only four hours and forty minutes, about 5 of which were likely the music.

I really enjoyed the structure of the book. What I did not like so much was the shallowness. This book is really an overview. It’s an idea of how Druidry and Wicca can come together. It is far, however, from a deep study, a road map, or even a series of suggestions. While it dips the figurative toe into many concepts of how things might be applied, it doesn’t give a layout for how to do much of it – only bits and pieces.

The meditations, practices, and rituals were useful, I thought, which is why I ended up buying the kindle version of the text. I felt that trying to follow along with the rituals while listening would not be conducive as they are read straight from the page with no pausing time. Had I known this prior to purchasing the audio, I likely would have skipped it.

When it came to the portions of the book on magic, it was more of a warning that deeper study is needed, rather than providing the deeper study. I was excited about the portion on herbs, but longed for more practical knowledge about how to plant, what to plant, and what the uses were. Obviously, I could easily find this information in another resource, but I was hoping this was a bit more comprehensive.

I liked the metaphorical discussions of magic and spirituality. There was a lot to reflect upon from this book, but other than the practices, not much to begin applying directly. Still, there was definitely notable value in the book, and I would recommend it to people curious about the concept of Druidcraft.

The Verdict

In the end, I would give this book a 3.5 out of 5.


  • Lots of material to reflect on
  • Nice meditations & rituals
  • Good overview material
  • Great bardic stories


  • Rituals hard to follow in audio version
  • Not a very deep text / surface level material in a lot of cases


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