2017 Wheel of the Year Challenge


I would like to formally extend a year-long 2017 pagan challenge to those of you who celebrate (or want to celebrate) the 8 Sabbat / Esbat days of the Wheel of the Year!

Who can participate in the challenge? Anyone who wants to honor the Wheel of the Year and the 8 related days/times. Does not matter your path or whether you honor any particular deity so long as you honor some form of earth-based spiritual path.

What is the challenge? How should I participate? In your own special way. 🙂 CELEBRATE! Enjoy life! Honor each of the 8 days through ritual, a special meal, an artistic expression, or something else! Then… Post about it! I will make a thread for each of the days as they come up!

When? The challenge is to celebrate each of the 8 holidays within 5 days of their falling. Magically, ideally, it’s best to do it within three days, but modern lives are insane and we totally get that!

Where? In your living room, in a Coven, under the moon… the sky is the limit! Anywhere you feel like practicing!

Leave a comment if you’d like to participate!

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