December “Box of Shadows” Review

So, last month I received my first “Box of Shadows” subscription box and I gave it a 3.5/5 because I wanted more time to consider its overall value. This month, I’m back with a second box to review again. If you’d like to see a more in depth overview of the box, check out my post on it.

This month’s box was Yule themed and BOY is it fantastic. As a reminder, I get the Supreme box, which costs me $42.73 and is the largest box of three that this service offers.


The items within were the usual spell candles (traditional colors in red, green, etc) and sage bundle, two stones (bloodstones), frankincense incense, a Yule candle, a bag of “Wishing Spell Bath Salts,” a bottle of Yule Oil, a white metal pentacle diary, a packet of blessed thistle, and then a set of bloodstone runes.


First of all, THESE BATH SALTS SMELL INCREDIBLE. My partner immediately picked the up and wanted to rub them all over his body. We haven’t bathed with them yet (mostly because our bathtub is too small to enjoy a bath), but they smell absolutely divine. Sweet and ambrosial. I want to know her secret recipe!

The journal is both adorable and beautiful and I am not sure what I want to do with it because it’s so pretty!

The runes… well… The runes are stunning. I had actually just done some rune based magic, so I felt this was a great addition to our collection. Neither my partner nor I has a rune set, though we do have ogham, tarot, and oracles.

The yule candle and yule oil are a wonderful addition that we are excited to be able to add to our collection. We will be using them in tomorrow’s Yule ritual for sure!

Overall, I’m thrilled with the products.


  • Spell candles = $3-5
  • Sage bundle = $3.50 – 5
  • Two stones (bloodstones) = $1-6 each
  • Frankincense incense =  $3.30
  • Yule candle by = $4
  • Bag of “Wishing Spell Bath Salts” by = $3.95
  • Bottle of Yule Oil = $5.95
  • White metal pentacle diary = hard to price due to the retailer, but seen elsewhere for about $13.
  • Packet of blessed thistle = as low as $2.75
  • Set of bloodstone runes = $20-25

Low balling it, this box is worth approximately $61.45 if I’d gone out to get the items on my own. Higher projections place it at worth up to $79.95. I am very pleased with the value of this box.


This box has definitely warmed me over a bit more than the last one. I do, however, wish that instead of sage we’d gotten something a little more Yuletide-y like cedar! Also, something that I’d like to see for certain aside from rotating out the sage for something else is a small card or label to go on the stones including any magical correspondences OR just a description on the monthly print out that doesn’t add any extra paper! I *think* it could be fairly simple to add a simple note such as Stone of the Month: [Name] + [Traits]. Put a little magical education into this box and it’d be truly supreme. 🙂

Overall, I give this month’s box a 4.5/5, mainly because I’d like a little more clarity still, but mostly because the items in it are really great. 🙂

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