Winter Solstice / Yule Dinner Plans (Recipe for Sun King Soup included)

I am planning my delicious Winter Solstice Yule dinner! What are you planning to make?

This year, I wanted to reflect on some traditional dishes, but also do some warm cozy meals of my own. I’ve decided to have:


  • Sun King Soup
  • Crusty rosemary bread

Main Course

  • Chicken cordon bleu
  • Seasonal butter sauteed greens
  • Baked potato


  • Hot buttered rum
  • Cider


  • ???
  • Yule cakes?
  • Cookies?
  • Yule log cake?

Traditionally, pork dishes are served on Yule. I’m taking a slight twist on it by making a chicken dish with pork in it. I might also incorporate pork into the greens.

We are hoping to do a ritual either before or after the feast. This year is tricky because neither of us get home from work until after almost 6pm and we both have to work the next day! That means prepping and playing everything out is going to be a bit challenging.

I’d love to hear what you’re planning for your own Solstice feast! And, feel free to weigh in on what we should have for dessert! 🙂

If you’re curious about Sun King Soup, here is the traditional recipe:

Sun King Soup

  • 3 Tbs real butter (organic, grass fed recommended)
    1 small onion, diced
    2 1/2 C. tomatoes, diced
    1 C. vegetable broth
    3/4 Orange juice, no pulp
    A few sprigs rosemary


Saute the onion in the butter over low heat. While sauteing, chop tomatoes and add to the onions. Allow to cook until the tomatoes become soft. Add broth. Allow the mixture to simmer over low heat for about 30 minutes.

Transfer the veggies and broth into a blender and add the orange juice. Puree to a smooth consistency. Return to stove, add rosemary, and simmer for about 5 – 10 more minutes. Add paprika to taste. It’s recommended that you serve the soup in warm bowls with a nice loaf of bread or as an appetizer for a larger feast.


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