The Four Agreements Audio Book (The 4th Agreement Summary and Review)

This is the fifth and final in a brief series of summaries and reviews of “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Note, there is one more section of the book, but I am not reviewing that one because I’m hoping you’ll pick up a copy for yourself!

The is truly an incredible and meaningful work. Don Miguel Ruiz has tapped into the heart of healing and given us a blueprint with which to transform our lives.

The Fourth Agreement – Always Do Your Best

Summary: This agreement lets us enact the first three. Always do your best in everything – no more and no less than that. Your best will never be the same from moment to moment. Sometimes we are tired, sometimes we are happy. These things can change the state of our best. Your best will grow as you break old agreements and learn the first three agreements.

If we always do our best, we can never judge ourselves, blame ourselves, and feel guilt or shame. Doing our best, we will be productive and happy. When we don’t do our best, we don’t like ourselves and we cannot enjoy life.

Action is about living fully and inaction is the way we deny life.

Everyone has the right to express their own dream. We cannot put our dream on other people. We must surrender and let go of the past, which will let us live. We are born with the right to be happy and to love. Since we are alive, we should live. If we resist life, we resist nature and energy. We deny ourselves the right to be ourselves.

We learn through repetition – so we need to repeatedly do our best. Practice makes the master. Action makes the difference.

Obstacles will be in our way. We are constantly being tested. The world is hell – our job is to escape by transcending the human experience of suffering. We must use all of our power to succeed in these agreements.

Keep your attention on your goals, one day at a time. If you break an agreement, pick yourself back up and make the agreement again. By keeping these agreements, one day at a time, we can transform our lives.

Review: This is a VERY important reminder of what we need to do to be successful, not just in making new agreements, but in learning to love ourselves, be ourselves, and grow. We must always do our best. Sometimes we fail. It’s okay. We just need to get right back up. When we fail to get back up and keep going, we’re not doing our best. So long as we do what is our best at any moment, no more and no less, we can never feel guilty or shamed.

As this is the last of the actual four agreements, let me just say that I feel transformed. I intend on listening to these agreements again and again, allowing them to sink in more each time I listen. I will put them on my fridge. I will be sure to make them a part of my everyday life. Yes, I will fail sometimes. But, that is part of being human. It is getting back up and having the strength and will to keep going that makes me feel the creation energy/God/Great Spirit/Universe in myself.

The next section in the book is on breaking our old negative agreements. The ones that are based on lies. I am really looking forward to it because breaking those old agreements is what will be hardest for me.

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