Journey: 11/27/16

This journey started with a light body exercise as per the order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids after doing a brief Druids egg practice. Then I found myself landing in the crystaline egg on the flat field in my grove. 

I spotted Fox amoung many other animals. I asked to speak with him. I found he did not speak at all, but could nod or shake his head. He affirmed that his sighting did not have much significance, but offered that I could learn from him the ability to pause and choose my battles. 
I called upon any and all willing to aid in my supporting if my step-son and protecting him. a large gathering if shapes surrounded and I was unable to make any out clearly. Then, a small girl of about 6 or 7 came out into the clearing. She was a minature me with dark fairy wings. She called me mother, so I asked if she was Shaina, my daughter who passed many years ago as a newborn. She shook her haid and said her name was Adriael. I asked who her father was and she said “my father is the sky.” 
I mourned her being only in my mind and in the Otherworld, but appreciated her presenting herself to me. She said I needed to remember my stepson is just a boy and needs lots of love. Then, she took me to a large wooden beam where I carved out a spell of entreaty for my step-son’s mother to open her eyes to what she is doing. 

Once carved, I sealed the intent in and called out in my most powerful voice to Brigid abd the others lending energy. I chanted and danced as I set the beam on fire. Komodo arrived in his Elven form and we left to go to the Underworld to speak of my upcoming diet shift.

We agreed on vegetarian with dairy for the first  week and to see how I did with fish about twice a week.

I then mentioned learning that my paternal Grandmother had been a pendulum reader (something new to me). I asked if he could take me to talk to her. Komodo lead me to a graveyard I have seen many times before. I noticed for the first time that the trees were all red and that little fairy lights  floated everywhere.
Grandma was there and she smiled. She  had black hair and was so tall. I was young  when she died, her body riddled with cancer, but I still remember how large she was at almost 6 feet tall. 

Grandmother offered that yes she had dabbled in some magical stuff such as the pendulum readings and also herbal working, little things no one was likely to notice. She said she believed I had potential to be one of the most powerful in our line. 

Then, the call back sounded and it was time to go.

Reflection: Fairy work continues to seem important as does the shift to vegetarian for a time. My partner just asked me to stop speaking about how amazing my daughter would be if I had her. So, at least I know I have an amazing spiritual daughter with a very… interesting name, who resides in my inner grove. 

I’m learning more and more that there are magical pieces if my ancestry. I hope overtime that I learn to work with my ancestors and learn more about them and their talents, too. 

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