The Four Agreements Audio Book (The 2nd Agreement Summary and Review)

This is the third in a brief series of summaries and reviews of “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

The Second Agreement: Don’t Take Anything Personally

Summary: As soon as you agree with something someone else has said, you are trapping yourself with that and believing it. If it is negative, then it is poisonous. We have learned, because of our domestication, that everything revolves around us. If we believe everything is about us, we believe everything anyone says about us is true.

When people say something negative to us and we take it personal, we try to defend ourselves. We try to make it about us. When we refuse to take anything personally, we protect ourselves from the poison of others.

This is our dream, our movie, our life. It is personal to us. It is no one’s truth but ours. We can use others as an excuse to get mad, because we are afraid. But this has nothing to do with them. It has everything to do with us.

Don’t take ANYTHING anyone says personally. Good or bad, don’t take it personally. Don’t even take anything you say to yourself personally, because your mind has the ability to hear things from outside sources. You have a choice whether or not to agree or disagree with what your mind tells you.

Do not expect people to tell you the truth, because they lie to themselves. When we see other people for what they are, we will no longer be hurt by what they say. They lie because they are afraid. They are afraid because they are not perfect. You must trust yourself and only yourself to make your own choices.

“You are never responsible for the action of others. You are only responsible for you.”

Review: This is an excellent segment that can really help us grow independently and let go of the words that hurt us. It can help us rewrite our beliefs merely by changing our words. It has a great segment on the strength it takes to walk away from someone – which directly relates to my blog about releasing people from our past.

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