Indigo Soul Reflections

I’m an indigo-soul. I’m trying to transform the world one person at a time. So few people see themselves as worth anything. Even fewer people see *everyone* as worth something. It shouldn’t have to take a tragedy to make people love each other. It shouldn’t have to take a tragedy to make people care. But all too often it does because unless something huge like this happens – people are so stuck in themselves, thinking the world revolves around them.

You see, we all come from the same energy. We’re all made up of the same material. Society is hell. We can’t go to hell because we’re already there. Greed. Jealousy. Anger. Envy. We live in a constant state of misery.

Virtues? Few people actually practice them. If more people did, we would all be better off. War would end. Peace would permeate the world.

I have never been as happy and as peace as I am in this moment, knowing that nothing anyone can say can affect me because I write my own truth. Nothing anyone can do to me can hurt me, because I know that it is not because of me that they hurt me, but because they desire to hurt themselves. Without pain, there is only happiness.  Why should we NEED to hurt? We never NEED to hurt. Society has just taught us that hurting is the only way. It is an emotion that we can do away with. If you could be happy, truly happy, all the time, wouldn’t you rather be happy than hurt?  Yes, pain can serve a purpose. It gives us an opportunity to heal. Through healing, we can achieve enlightenment. And I have transformed my pain into happiness.

I am no exception to the rule of human experience. I do feel pain, of course, like everyone else. But, the difference is, I make a willing choice to love myself and see myself past it quickly.

I’ve come off the end of a break down, and am enlightened.

I exist only for the moment. My past is irrelevant. In order to heal, we must let go of the past. I’ve let go of mine in order to move forward and achieve true happiness and freedom. I’ve found myself. And that is all I need. The only thing we need is ourselves. Only we can speak truth to ourselves. We write our own laws. Our own rules. Our own truths. Whatever else I need will come to me because my energy draws it in.

Some may say I am a scared little girl trying to hide from her pain in some way that will not work. I say I am a strong, independent, and powerful woman, who has learned to brush negativity and pain aside in favor of happiness.

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