Shamanic Journey: Fire

This is the original journey where I began working with my Komodo Dragon who I recently learned is named Galen. 🙂


I started in darkness with no expectations, having set my intent as energy gathering. Suddenly, I’m not sure how long in, I was hurled up in a tornado whirlwind and sent flying into the sky, trapped in a storm. I was a baby, small and feeble, completely unsure of where I was going.

I landed on a cloud where I lay as a baby, bathing in the sun. I realized that my lover was the sun, and I the moon. That I need him because he is the sun and he shines light on me. But, he too needs me, because I am a reminder of him in the nighttime. We do not exist without each other, for we serve an essential function to one another. Reflection, light, wholeness.

Father Eagle, and ancient and wise looking man (he resembles Gandalf) and Mother Bear approached. Mother Bear was human, as I was in the Upper world (Sky realm). She was beautiful, with long brown hair and warm eyes, wearing warm colors and furs. They told me I needed to gather energy.

I began to physically fall asleep. My mind wandered in a torrent of random thoughts from sex to work to spiritual exploration. I lost myself for a time, simply soaking in the sun. When I came to, Father Eagle and Mother Bear told me I needed to go down to the Lower World and seek a Fire Spirit as it was my weakest element.

I fell from the Sky for a long while, then plunged into a giant hole in the earth and fell through several places I have seen before. At last I arrived in a volcanic “room” with lava and char. Immediately,  Komodo Dragon was there. He said he would be my fire guide and that he could be a totem animal for my South or Below. I asked him to please be my South totem, and he agreed.

I climbed on his back and he took me to a place of fire. There he told me that I could feed him any dying parts of me and that he would eat them. He told me he was an animal of strength, overcoming fear, and getting rid of what was not needed. Since he eats dead flesh, he can also eat my dying parts.

He said I could bury parts in the earth that I no longer needed and that he would come dig them up and consume them. I thanked him. Komodo dragon also told me that I must dance and rattle tonight to build fire energy within myself.

I thanked him and gave him an egg. It dropped and hit the ground and a beautiful chunk of carnelian was in it. I thanked him again, then wisped upward as smoke until I arrived on Earth as a flame.

I am Fire, I said to myself.

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