11/18/16 Shamanic Journey

It has admittedly been awhile since I’ve been able to do some shamanic Journey work. This evening I sat down to do a quick 10-minute one to affirm to my predominant power guide, my Komodo dragon Galen, and my goddess Brigid that I am still doing the work.

Komodo was surprisingly compassionate and forgiving even though I have not kept my promise to see him frequently. He affirmed that he knows I am doing my best to make the time and that right now my predominate goal should be taking care of me. We shared our deep love for each other and talked prior sacrifices before he carried me to the middle world again so that I could go visit Brigid. 

Her house was as luminous as ever. She made me tea, the room smelling deeply of camphor, and reminded me to nurse myself and take time. She said I must be sure to make time for myself. Time to rest. She advised that she would like me to take my period of vegetarianism coming up soon.

I also spoke to each of them about my desire to tap into my intuition. Galen said it was essential that I tap into my innocence by recreating it. Essentially, I must be born again without old beliefs. 

I talked to Brigid about wanting to work with Morrigan, but expressed my fear because of her frequent depictions as being mean and promoting trials in the lives she touches. Brigid more or less said not to fear and that Morrigan can respect me as a woman and offer me guidance. 

Brigid said it’s okay if I don’t keep a candle lit all the time given the health risks, but said she’d like me to continue to read about her and  light candles for her as I am able. 

At the end, I ultimately came away with the sense that I just need to keep taking time for myself, keep pursuing my studies of paganism, and take care of myself. 

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