Fox Sighting

Last night as I was driving, a fox ran across the road in front of me. I slowed and smiled, watching the little creature, red and gold, zip into the woods beside me. “Hello, fox friend!” I called and dragged my attention back to the road. Suddenly in the deep dark of the evening, another, a practical twin, dodged towards its companion. I hit the breaks, my heart hammering hard against my rib cage. I cried something out – I can’t remember what, and then eased back as the second made their way across.


I sat with this for a bit. Often when I see an animal repeatedly or in a situation in which I normally wouldn’t, I wonder if it was significant. It’s undoubtedly the pagan in me that looks for signs and omens in everything! This was my first fox sighting since I hit one over seven years ago. I had wept openly at what had happened, barely able to drive. I wished it into its next life and hoped that it had made the choice for that to be the end. As I saw the other two last night, I had a flash back to that moment and the absolute horror I felt. Here, I had felt relief that they were okay. Looking back, I’m wondering if it wasn’t a message that at that time when I struck the single fox, I was struggling. Conversely, now I’m flourishing in some sense – more confident on my path, even when I need to press the breaks and slow down.

I am currently working on my intuition. The Fox Totem generally represents cunning and tricks, but deeper down is about observation of inner and outer workings. I certainly would like to see if Fox wants to work more with me and if this pair was sent as a means to listen to what is unseen. Perhaps a meditation is in order soon. There is so much rich symbolism in Fox Totems!


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