A Review: LETTING GO Meditation by Carmen Warrington

This quick meditation, just under 12 minutes is a quick fix to get you to “let go” of your tension and ease yourself into a state of relaxation. Carmen’s voice is soothing like Galadriel from Lord of the Rings (no joke). The meditation leads you to let go of your body and concerns for a time in order to relax and be free of responsibilities.

It seems like a lot to accomplish in 12 minutes. My first time through, I can say I was still being nagged in the back of my mind by little things, but Carmen’s voice kept me on track and held me there instead of back in the real world.

She said in the meditation that every time something tried to bring me back to my body to “let it go.” And so, I did. I had a lot of random thoughts pop in my head, like “What am I going to do about x?” and at one point, I actually started fully daydreaming. I am pretty sure I was close to falling asleep. But, the sound shift at the end of the meditation quickly brought me back to my body, still in a state of relaxation.

I recommend this for people who need to quickly relax or don’t have time for a longer meditation.

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