Super (Full) Moon Magic!


There are few energies more potent than that of the Moon! Read this article to find out the basics of full Moon magic, including correspondences, techniques, and even a ritual you can do anytime in your own backyard.

I was inspired to write this article because tonight is a Super Moon (actually, the moon is perfectly full at 8:51/52 tomorrow morning, 11/14/16, but tonight is when we’ll see it best)! I am very excited to witness this glorious night and bask in the energy of the Moon and the powers behind her. I invite you to join me this evening, or sometime in the next two days in honoring some form of rite or magic to drink up the energy. However, you’re not excluded from working full Moon magic any other time, so keep on reading! This article does not give practices that can only be done during the Super Moon, so no worries if you’re tuning in late!

Moon Associations

According to John Michael Greer’s work The Natural Magic Encyclopedia, the following stones, plants, animals, herbs, and other elements of nature are associated with the moon (215):

  • Camphor
  • Cattle
  • Dew
  • Fish
  • Iris
  • Lettuce
  • Lily
  • Moonlight
  • Moonstone
  • Mouse-Ear
  • Nutmeg
  • Opal
  • Quartz
  • Rain
  • Seashells
  • Silvers
  • Turquoise
  • Water
  • West Wind (aka Favonius)

Greer breaks down moonlight specifically, which is of course at its most powerful during the full Moon. Although the light of the moon is reflected sunlight, the effects we can garner in magic are entirely different (Greer 155). It is a watery, feminine energy good for any working that we want to channel full intent into. In terms of astrology, the Moon picks up whatever energy of the planet/sign it is currently in. For me, here in the United States, the Moon is currently in Taurus, but will be transitioning to Gemini tomorrow late at night. This sort of planetary shifting, if you believe in or practice it, can change the nature of your magic, so take a look into it!

If you want to ever check what sign the Moon is in, you can use a website like Astrology Today/Lunarium. Check it out here.  This website also offers magical correspondences or ways that the planetary signs change things.


Moon Magic

As Lunarium states on their calendar, the full moon invites in “a period of excess when everything in nature brims over. Emotions, psychic energy, physiological activity – everything is at its maximum. This is the time of increased creativity, but with those who are prone to high blood pressure, epilepsy or over excitement, this full Moon period can be problematic.

Moonlight can be used to work with any kind of energy associated with water, intuition, and visionary senses. Its a great time to charge things with the moonlight as well! Many sorts of crystals enjoy being charged in this way.

Sage Goddess has a lovely article on full moon magic that covers the basics. Their website states that full moon magic is best harnessed within 48 hours of the moment the moon becomes full. I have always tried to do my work within a three day window before and after any given phase of the Moon, but of course as close as possible is still ideal. Do what works for you.

The full Moon is an excellent time for completing intents, healing, gratitude, new jobs, psychic development, harnessing intuition, and similar tasks. It is no small energy, so its advised not to use the full Moon lightly!

If you are wanting to do a simple full Moon magic, you could consider doing candle magic on an evening like this and use the energy of the Moon for a specific purpose. For example, you might light a white, blue, or gray candle and focus in prayer, chanting, or other energy raising to bring down the energy into your intentions and charge the candle.

Conversely, you could charge your spell candles in the light of the full Moon to get them ready to go for a future spell!

If you do potion work, consider infusing a potion by the light of the Moon for an increased effect.

Greer specifically talks about planting by the moon (281). If you’re doing gardening during the year, the full Moon is a great time to plant annuals grown for some part that contains seeds or crops that grow below ground (282). It is also a significant time to harvest crops that will be stored for multiple days!

A lot of magic is based on what you feel is right, but there are so many possibilities here and a little research goes a long way. Below, I’ll talk about a specific technique known as “drawing down the moon.”


Drawing Down the Moon

Many Wiccans practice “drawing down the Moon.” Indeed, some claim it to be a core practice of that religion/spirituality. An entire book by Margot Adler has been dedicated to this practice alone. To Wiccans or other practitioners of Goddess worship, the full Moon is an important and auspicious phenomenon because it is a time when one can be filled with divine light, divine feminine, and the essence of the Goddess.

Although I am not a Wiccan, and rather a Druid, I personally consider there to be a Moon Goddess and a Sun God, though do note I am a pantheist and have many ideas about God/desses. As detailed in other posts, my core patron is Brigid who is actually associated with the Sun and fire. Still, the moon holds such profound magic, even for those that do not ascribe to any pantheon or system. 

What is drawing down the Moon specifically? Well, first, it is a magical practice that promotes empowerment, healing, courage, energy, joy, and so on. If you need positive energy, consider drawing down the Moon to find that!

The process is simple.

  1. Go into it with a clear intent of what you want to use Moon energy for. For example, “I want to use this energy to promote healing [whatever],” or, “I want this energy to help set me on the path to getting a new job.”

  2. Make some sort of offering to the Moon. Do what feels right to you. I cannot determine this for you.

  3. Stand with your feet firmly on the ground and lift your arms and hands above your head, making the shape of a bowl. This is sometimes called the Chalice position. 

  4. Clap your hands once, imagining the space being cleared and your intent focusing. 

  5. Open your arms back up and begin the process of visualizing the moon light streaming down and filling your cup/bowl. Visualize the bowl radiant and full.

  6. When you feel full, slowly and with your intent still clear, draw the energy down your body, through your aura, and into your being. 

  7. Lift your hands back up and clap.

  8. Follow this same process at least three times in total. However, you can do it as many times as feels right. 

  9. Give thanks to the Moon. Some people choose to kiss their hands, say a prayer, bow, or something else. Again, do what feels right for you.

Notes: Some people experience trance when doing this practice. For that reason, I highly recommend being somewhere safe where you also do not need to worry about being interrupted. Something else you may wish to do while performing this sort of rite is to open up to the Goddess speaking through you. Allow words to flow naturally and welcome whatever messages come from beyond.

In Closing

If you’re joining me on this journey around the time of the 2016 Super Moon, what a sight! GOOD LORD HAVE YOU SEEN HER? She is huge!

Even if you’re not and you’re just stumbling across this in your journey to work Moon Magic, I hope you enjoy! Bask in the glorious light of the Moon. She has so much to offer!

Many blessings!




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