November “Box of Shadows” Review


          I recently subscribed to the subscription box, the Box of Shadows. This subscription service features three tiers (descriptions taken from their website.)

The Initiate

Starting at $19.99/month +Shipping
1 Bundle of 5 Undressed Candles
1 box of Incense
1 Smudge Stick
Herb of the Month (or)
Gemstone of the Month
Up to THREE (3) Surprise Worship Items
Cancel Anytime

The Priestess

Starting at $29.99/month +Shipping
1 Bundle of 5 Undressed Candles
1 box of Incense
1 Smudge Stick
Herb of the Month (or)
Gemstone of the Month
Up to FOUR (4) Surprise Worship Items
Cancel Anytime

The Supreme

Starting at $39.99/month +Shipping
Specialty Sabbat/Themed Box

1 Bundle of 5 Undressed Candles
1 box of Incense
1 Smudge Stick
Herb of the Month(AND)
Gemstone of the Month
Up to FIVE (5) Surprise Worship Items
Cancel Anytime

          I have subscribed to The Supreme rank (of course, because more in this case HAS to be better, right?!). This was the first box I’ve received from the company, and NO, I am not being paid for a review. I paid $42.73 which included the $39.99 + $6.73 in shipping and a coupon code for $3.99 off. I thought this was a bit steep, but I hoped that the worth of the items would well exceed that, since upcoming subscriptions will hit me for $46.72.

I was elated when I received the box in the mail. The shipping was quick. Only two days after I got the notification it was coming, it arrived on my doorstep.

Opening it was nice. I could already tell that it was packaged consciously, which many other subscription services are not. Many boxes featured dyed boxes with lots of stickers and fanfare. This was simplistic and earth conscious. In fact, they even had a small card inside to advertise that it was eco-friendly packaging.



         The items were as follows:

A moonstone bracelet, moonstone pendulum, a small, tumbled crystal, 5 spell candles, moon incense, moonstone pyramid, moon ritual soap, triple moon altar cloth, mini sage bundle, and loose white willow bark.

Obviously, the November box is Moon themed! I love moon stuff, so I was pretty thrilled.

          My favorite items? The pendulum is gorgeous and the bracelet is nice, as well. I’m looking forward to trying the soap as well.

Only disappointment? I don’t actually know what kind of crystal this is for sure. I’m GUESSING this was a moonstone, but I’ve searched picture upon pictures of every type of moonstone and this looks like NONE of those. I would have liked a label of some kind or even a card with some magical correspondences!


          Now, let us talk value (because we all want a good deal on a subscription box).

It was admittedly hard to price many of the items, so I figured a range based on very similar items.


Overall, I came to a value ranging between $46.30 (shipping not included) and $80.85. Since I paid (or would normally have paid without a coupon) $46.72, that means I potentially lost 42 c saved over $30.

The cool part is, 1) I had been wanting a pendulum, and 2) I got products I normally would not otherwise have bought.


          I am going to stay subscribed for now and see if the value stays about the same, or decreases.

I hope the curators over at My Box of Shadows consider some of my feedback like labeling the crystal or giving a card with magical correspondences. A card with candle color correspondences would be awesome as well. Changing the type of sage or smudge stick every month on a rotating basis would be pretty sweet as well.


  • Love the theme idea (though I’m so sad I missed the chakra themed box 😥 )!
  • Nice variety of items
  • The incense smells great
  • Keeps my sage collection going (I burn sage VERY frequently)
  • Packaging was very conscious


  • Value hard to determine
  • Not sure what the included stone actually is
  • Not sure how much more value I am getting by paying for the highest tier!

For NOW, I am going to give this box a 3.5/5 because I need to give it some more time to determine it’s true value! However, I’d like to say I really appreciate this subscription service and what is trying to do! There are not a whole lot of pagan themed boxes out there, so ROCK ON Box of Shadows!


  1. Thank you for your review! To be clear, the stone included in the box this month was Tree Agate. We were supposed to send out an email blast about it but ran into some technical issues.

    I LOVE the idea of changing the smudge type monthly. No idea how I didn’t think of this before.

    Also, we are currently working ways to provide more education and include more information about the items inside each box. This has been an overwhelming request in every form of feedback we’ve received. So we will be implementing ways to provide this in the coming months.

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