Teaser Blurb for Young Adult Pagan Novel: Little Fire

I am writing a Young Adult novel for NaNoWriMo – this is my teaser blurb for the story!

Aideen Ryan recently moved to a backwards town in the hillsides of upstate New York. Although she does well enough in high school, getting straight A’s and taking only the toughest classes, her teachers don’t seem to notice her. Her peers make up for the lack of attention with vicious bullying and even acts of cruelty. No day goes by in which she isn’t told over and over how she’s a freak and a murderer.

Haunted by the event that earned her social standing, Aideen holds onto her secrets tightly. With no friends to talk to about her thoughts, feelings, and aspirations, she finds herself dreadfully alone. Even her oppressive parents who might as well never be home have no idea who she is or where she wants to go in life. To cope, she keeps her nose buried in books, imagining the lives she’d rather live.

On the night of her sixteenth Halloween, Aideen falls asleep early only to be swept into a fantastic vision of sprawling wilderness, stunning, mystical women, and magical spells. When she awakens, she finds a fuzzy memory slowly blossoming into a haunting preoccupation. No matter how she tries to dismiss the dream, she finds herself almost unwillingly compelled to respond to the calling she’s heard from within…

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