Seeds of the Sacred Oakheart is Born


This blog is admittedly a long time in the making, cliche of a statement as that is. The struggle was not what to post, but what to name it. I have been toiling over the choosing of a name for over a month. It was when I finally sat myself down to do a Shamanic Journey that the first word came to me: Oakheart.

One of my Power Animals, a Komodo Dragon named Galen, was quite grumpy with me during that particular journey when I asked him the question: “What should I name my blog?” You see, I had promised him I would visit at least once every two weeks through my Shamanic Journeying practice, and while I had indeed done a bit of journey-work in the weeks prior, I had not specifically sat down to speak with him. His temper was fiery hot. It took a great deal of coaxing and even an attack from an ice demon spirit to warm him to me again.

But, I digress. By the end of the journey, I had asked him if he had any ideas for the naming of my blog and he said the word “Oakheart,” but advised I should ask my Druidic Ancestor, Áine, for a more specific name.

After pondering over the name Oakheart for a time, I eventually came to “Seeds of the Oakheart.” But, it didn’t feel quite right yet. At my next opportunity, actually my ritual initiation into the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, I spoke directly with Áine to ask her thoughts. “Sacred,” she added. “Seeds of the Sacred Oakheart.” And so it was.

This website is meant to be a collection of rituals, recipes, journals & journey-work reflections, reviews, and meditation scripts/practices for anyone interested in tapping more into their spirituality. Above all though, this is a chronically of my journey back deep into the earth as I tap into my soul’s purpose and the core of my highest being. You’re welcome to drop in on my path anytime you wish. I shall be here.

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