Devotional to Brigid #1


Healing hands of a gentle Goddess
brush over brows with such tenderness,
motherly kisses that sear a seal of sacred love into the core.

Knowing smile of a serene Goddess
whose well of knowledge runs as far and wide
as the streams stretch across the Earth.

Fiery forge of a determined Goddess
whose hammer strikes the anvil,
whose breath gives life
to the flickering flames of creation.

Musical Goddess whose inspiration flows,
the pricking of strings over which dance
new rhythms upon the whim of her divine spark.

She is the Mother who has given us the gift of grief,
The wailing that moves us,
Keening from the death of her son
in the midst of betrayal and loss.
Goddess who taught us how to drink down our suffering,
and yet still sit with kindness and compassion.

Brigid whose history is as varied
as any mortal soul’s,
who has faced tragedy
even in the wake of her powerful magic.
Who in one breath can throw her cloak upon a sunbeam
and in the next be swept up in mundane duty.

She is the cows grazing in the field.
She is the honeybees suckling sweet nectar,
carrying new life from place to place.
She is the seed within the ground.
She is the coming of spring.

A Great Goddess; Eternal Mother; Exalted One.
The woman of so many names,
whose endless flame has found light in my belly
and in my heart.

My Goddess Brigid who is one and yet three
in Trinity that yet all alike hold their youthful beauty
in such suppleness.
She is my humble Goddess who is the earth –
not just the mother of the Earth,
but whose body is formed from core to the atmosphere,
fingertips stretching into the heavens,
stretching into this realm to touch my brow
and beckon me home.

This poem can also be found on my AllPoetry site

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